Finally, A Cloud-Based, TRAIN-ready Payroll System Built
Around Your Convenience

Access and process your payroll anytime and anywhere you are! Now you have an easy-to-use software that is integrated into an intuitive HR Management System, designed to seamlessly work with other key financial technologies. Up to date with all policies and regulations, you can trust that your company’s payroll is in safe hands.

FaceDTR App

Tracking employees on field assignments who log in and out of work can be tricky, but now it doesn’t have to be! SweldoMo’s new FaceDTR app helps employees log in and log out easily with its photo capture powered system. This innovation not only brings ease to employees, but to employers as well. With the help of Google Maps, employers can track the location where every photo entry is taken. This app is truly practical, efficient and reliable; perfect for every business!

The app is now available for download on Google Play Store and will soon be available on the App Store.

DTR Management

The software can automatically compute work hours, tardiness, overtime, and more. You can even view an employee’s DTR in just a few clicks. Tracking time and computing pay has never been this quick and easy. Now you can integrate your organization’s existing DTR system with SweldoMo either through biometric devices or Excel Templates (manual input). That’s a few workdays worth of tasks done in only a few minutes!

Payroll Register

SweldoMo comes with an easy to use Payroll Register. Mandatory compliance deductions such as SSS, PhilHealth, HDMF and BIR are all computed automatically. Do you want a thorough look of the figures? SweldoMo can provide pre-formatted reports with just a click of the mouse.  SweldoMo is Tax Reform for Acceleration & Inclusion ready per Republic Act. No. 10963.

Government Benefits Supported:


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