Payroll Has Never Been This Easy

SweldoMo is a cloud payroll and HR Management System made especially for the Filipino entrepreneur. It is accessible through any device. It is simple, efficient, reliable and secure – everything a modern businessman needs from an online payroll software. What are the key features of SweldoMo that makes it stand out in the market today?

Flexibility SweldoMo is designed to work easily with any type of business – big or small. Highly configurable, this software can work around a company’s unique pay structure and also allows for defining payroll transactions so that the system is always aligned with the policies of the company.

Efficiency SweldoMo is made to integrate smoothly with other FinTech platforms. It is also highly responsive and easy to manage, freeing time for payroll officers to do other tasks and responsibilities instead of manual payroll processing. Now that is efficiency on a whole new level.

Built By Experts, Refined By Entrepreneurs

What makes SweldoMo special is that it’s a tried and tested technology. What you get is a highly efficient system that does not only works well in the technical level but delivers results in the business side of things. It is the epitome of effective Financial Technology – intuitive, usable, flexible. With a team of expert web developers, accountants, CPA-lawyers and business consultants, SweldoMo simply improves the way Filipino entrepreneurs do business.

World Class

SweldoMo is made by a world-class web development team, guided by global experts in accounting technology. What you get is a software that meets international standards. This reflects the commitment of SweldoMo to deliver, even exceed expectations of its users and competitors.

Tried and Tested

SweldoMo is a new entrant in the market, but it promises a guaranteed positive experience. It went through a rigorous testing process not by random individuals, but by experienced businessmen and seasoned entrepreneurs. You are indeed getting a software that has helped other businesses grow.

Cutting Edge And Practical

SweldoMo applies cutting edge technology. It is fast, efficient, and secure. Apart from this, SweldoMo is also intuitive, a practical business tool that allows entrepreneurs to easily use it for their business from the get-go. SweldoMo believes that for technology to truly serve its purpose, it must simplify things, and must add convenience on how business owners do things every day.


SweldoMo encrypts all data coming to and from our server with a 128-bit encryption using TLS 1.2. Our server and your computer establish an encrypted link which allows sensitive information to be transmitted securely.


SweldoMo is made to be fast, and this is why it is built on the Cloud. For faster loading times, we use solid-state drives and custom server caching. Our fleet of servers all utilize solid-state drives, which perform up to 20x faster than standard hard drives.


SweldoMo’s data centers are Category A, PCI compliant. With our advanced Smart Routing™ technology, advanced DDoS protection & premium bandwidth providers, we can maintain 99.99% network uptime – we simply deliver our service without fail.

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    A payroll software made with the Filipino entrepreneur in mind.

    SweldoMo is made with the Filipino entrepreneur in mind. It understands the unique details of payroll processing in the Philippines.

    SweldoMo is easy to use, even for the not-so techy businessman. Its interface is intuitive, its user experience simple and very straightforward.

    SweldoMo is made to be “portable”. You can access all the data you need in any device, anywhere, anytime. That is the beauty of a Cloud-based software.

    SweldoMo works the same way for businesses with 1 – 200 employees. The same features, the same experience, the same reliability – truly a technology made for SMEs.