Developing Entrepreneurial Grit – The Secret To Success

April 21, 2018 4:56 pm Published by bbaltasar

What is really the secret to success? Many argued that emotional intelligence is the key. Some said intelligence is as important in achieving business goals. But modern studies debunked these two qualities as the primary driver for success. One thing stood out – grit. Grit is seen to be a dominant trait among people who made it big in life.

Angela Lee Duckworth, in her talk at TED, explored grit and how people who have mastered this in their lives tend to achieve more. So how can you develop entrepreneurial grit? How can you harness this so that you can get your business to the next level? Read on to know more!

Focus is key

Many budding business men are pursuing so many things all at the same time. They end up chasing every opportunity that comes their way, believing that if they let one pass, it will be too late to exploit it. The problem with this approach is that you cannot focus your time and energy on that one thing that could give you the most profits. When you fail to prioritize, you will lose the ability to hold on to a businesses that could give you the break you need.

You cannot hold on to too many things and “persevere” in all of these. Learn to say no, know your limits as a businessman, know the resources at your disposal. When there is focus, there is also stronger resolve and this will keep you moving forward no matter what.

Be consistent

Many entrepreneurs have the habit of being intense on the first 2 years in business. But as time passes, their energy also wanes. This is often where many will fail in pushing their business into the “safe zone”. When they fail in strengthening their business, their ventures often do not survive huge shake-ups.

By being consistent with your business efforts, you can be sure that success will be just a matter of “when” and not “if”. Consistency also applies to how you produce results at all times. Always deliver your promised output. Make sure that your team can depend on you no matter how challenging the task and the situation around it.

Building the discipline of consistency will empower your inclination to persevere. This is a building block of grit.

Recover quickly

There will trouble up ahead. In business, you need to expect this. Accept the reality of hardships. You will fail more than once and there is nothing you can do to prevent that. You can mitigate the damage, but you will feel pain, you will get hurt. The reason why you need to face this squarely from the very start is because this will make you more resilient.

It is okay to fall – the important thing is that you do not spend a lot of time in the dirt. Stand up, clean yourself up, go forward. Many entrepreneurs take failures personally and so they end up shaken to their very core, their resolve weakening as they doubt themselves if they can really do it.

Having the ability to bounce back fast is the key to survive the hard times.

Do not stop morphing

Many entrepreneurs forget the reality of change in the world of business. You need to stand fast with your ideas, you need to fight for it, but you must also be willing to make it better through the inputs of others while adapting to the changes in the industry.

People who are ready to change, who do not limit themselves to their personal preferences and ideals are more likely to get ahead of the pack. Do not stop changing for the better.

There is always one more way to succeed

Encountering blunders in business is natural. But grit does not focus on the road block because it is busy minding how to get to the destination, there is always one more alternative route.

This is how the military succeed in their missions. As one general would love to say, “not even the best laid plans can survive the fierceness of battle”. Problems are inevitable but there is always another way to achieve your objective.

People in business today are equipped with the best tools but they also face the toughest challenges in the entire history of commerce. What to do? Develop the grit, the perseverance, tenacity, and stubbornness to pull through the challenges of doing business.