SweldoMo Is Partnering with FinTech Giant Xero and JuanTax

January 29, 2018 1:45 pm Published by Ronnie Anzano

SweldoMo is partnering with Xero, a leader in online accounting technology and JuanTax, one of the country’s leading tax preparation software. This planned collaboration will add to the usability of these three Financial Technology platforms – Xero being an accounting software, SweldoMo, a payroll system and JuanTax, a tax compliance software.

Cloud-based, this partnership is expected to make integrated use simpler and seamless, a big plus for many Filipino entrepreneurs. Imagine a simplified accounting software plus an intuitive payroll system helping you out in your daily operations while having the confidence that you are always compliant with the BIR. That is incomparable convenience!

The Xero Partnership

The partnership will be made possible through Synergia BPO Solutions’ Silver Partnership with Xero. Speaking for Synergia is Atty. Teofilo De Lumen, one of the most successful Technopreneurs in Bicol, being one of the owners of BD BPO Solutions, the largest BPO company in the region.

The Xero partnership is groundbreaking as it underlines the readiness of local software development companies to compete in the international stage. Perhaps what makes it interesting is that SweldoMo is made by a Bicolano company, BD Software Solutions. This is a huge milestone for Bicol-based software development teams!

The JuanTax Partnership

JuanTax on the other hand is another SweldoMo partnership that will revolutionize the way Filipino entrepreneurs process their tax compliance. Made to integrate with the online services of BIR, preparing tax has never been this easy. With the influx of Filipino market-focused software, JuanTax came just in time, an early entrant with a very solid offering for its prospective subscribers.

When combined with the “localized” features of SweldoMo, JuanTax becomes part of a very dynamic system that Filipino businessmen can maximize, a software “combo” that complements the functionality of both software.

SweldoMo’s partnership with Xero and JuanTax opens the possibilities for local IT companies. As for SweldoMo, Atty. De Lumen is the catalyst that is making both partnerships possible.

What can be expected in the partnership? That SweldoMo will become a certified partner software of Xero. Wherever Xero is marketed, SweldoMo is also there to provide for the payroll component of Xero subscriptions.

SweldoMo will be available in the next few months to interested subscribers.