Frequently Asked Questions


Records can be accessed back as far as 2 years.

Yes, SweldoMo is compliant to all government standards and requirements.

Both the employer and employee have 24/7 access to the SweldoMo Payroll Software.

SweldoMo has 24/7 Customer Chat Support.

Any government updates will be automatically adopted by the Sweldomo system. You will always be compliant.

All of the required government forms are provided by SweldoMo. These forms can be accessed online and is inclusive of: SSS R1A, SSS R3, SSS MLe2, PH ER2, PH RF1, PAGIBIG M1, PAGIBIG P2-4, BIR ALPHALIST and BIR 2316.

As for now, we can only recommend viewing SweldoMo payroll system on desktop and tablet. Viewing reports on your mobile phone may not be convenient nor functional.

Back-up and Security

SweldoMo encrypts all data coming to and from our server with 128-bit encryption using TLS 1.2. Our server and your computer establishes an encrypted link which allows sensitive information to be transmitted securely.

Yes, our back-up system is scheduled to run daily, weekly and monthly.

Yes, we can restore data up to the last 24-hours.


Schedule a user’s training with us. You have the option to do it on-site or via web conference. With SweldoMo’s easy to use interface, you can use the system on your own in a very short span of time.

We can set up the system in as fast as 30 minutes, provided that all necessary data are readily available and there is compliance to the system requirements.

Since this is an online system, we require the following:

  • Internet connectivity of at least 512kbps. DSL, 3G/4G and above are recommended.
  • Web browser on Windows, Linux or Mac. SweldoMo works on Internet Explorer, but we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

We can conduct on-site and off-site trainings for our customers before the system’s live implementation. This can be conducted within the customer’s premises or via web conference.