DTR Face

No More Payday Stress

SweldoMo is packed with features you want and need. This is because SweldoMo is built around the pain points of entrepreneurs, especially those struggling with the complications of payroll processing. This top-down approach allowed the system to have timely solution to almost every payroll bottleneck in most companies in the country.

DTR Management

The software can automatically compute work hours, tardiness, overtime, and more. You can even view an employee’s DTR in just a few clicks. Tracking time and computing pay has never been this quick and easy. Now you can integrate your organization’s existing DTR system with SweldoMo either through biometric devices or Excel Templates (manual input).  

Payroll Register

SweldoMo comes with an easy to use Payroll Register. With mandatory compliance deductions such as SSS, PhilHealth, HDMF and BIR all computed automatically. Do you want a thorough look of the figures?   SweldoMo can provide for pre-formatted reports with just a click of the mouse.  SweldoMo is a Tax Reform for Acceleration & Inclusion ready per Republic Act. No. 10963.

HR Management

SweldoMo comes with an HRMS making it a very powerful payroll and HR tool for growing businesses. SweldoMo allows you to select from a list of modules to fit your requirements which includes Employees Leave Management, Employee Loans Management, Personal Information Management and Time & Attendance Tracking.


FaceDTR is an add-on product of SweldoMo that makes it easy for business owners to track people who logged in and out of work. Imagine a simple photo capture at the core of your DTR! It’s a practical but effective solution for SMEs. It works great for employees working off-site, even a smart phone can be used to log in to the system. Another first from SweldoMo!

Pre-populated Government Forms and Reports

SweldoMo prepares all government forms for you (BIR, SSS, Pag-Ibig, PhilHealth) and pre-populate it with names of your employees so that you can easily process payments with just a few clicks. This does not only save you time, this also improves your accuracy and efficiency. You are not only paying out on time, you are also always compliant with government-mandated benefits.