Flexibility Makes A Payroll Management System Worth It

February 8, 2018 2:37 pm Published by bbaltasar

There are a lot of payroll software out in the market today. The truth is all of these systems have something to offer you and your business. While their features differ, your needs stay the same. So it is important that before you go around shopping for the best payroll system, you need to be intimately acquainted with your pay issues. Are you still doing it manually and now wanting to shift to paperless processing? Do you want a better, more compatible software for your existing biometric device? Are you having trouble automating ALL of your payroll computation even for employees under different pay schedules? These questions can already help you determine your reasons why you need an automated payroll software. You can use this as your buying guide.

Customizable settings are key

Whether you like it or not, your business will have a number of employees belonging to different pay grades, pay schedules, and even pay inclusions. Your rank and file might be able to claim overtime, but maybe your management team doesn’t. Some people might be eligible for some add-ons in their pay, while some do not. It all depends on your policy as a business organization. Now how do you deal with all those conditions and still generate payroll in one go?

This is where customization becomes very important. Your payroll software must be able to address most, if not all of the pay “scenarios” in your business. Understand the features of the software you want to subscribe to and make sure that your business does not need to change its rules and pay practices to accommodate its lack of flexibility.

With SweldoMo, there are switches you can turn on and off depending on what payment variable applies to a specific employee. This way every time the pay is computed, it takes special note of possible inclusions or exemptions, giving you accurate salary figures every single pay cycle.

Integration is the name of the game

The saying “no man is an island” also applies to software. You might be able to buy a system that works great with your internal processes but is very difficult to sync in with your other needed automated functions like tax compliance or even general accounting. In this case, you need to find an alternative. You have to remember that you do not only want to automate your salary processing but other business functions as well. As your business grows you need to automate as much tasks as you can. This way you can move on to other more important things like product research or service improvement.

With SweldoMo, you are getting a cloud-based software with the option of having it bundled with a tax preparation software (JuanTax). Not only that, SweldoMo also easily integrates with the leading accounting software today, Xero. This kind of integration is perhaps one of the best in the industry today. Choose a software that is accredited with FinTech giants. This is not only about credibility but most especially usability and quality of support.

Timeliness of features

Nothing compares to a software that simply understands the common issues faced by Filipino entrepreneurs. Compliance is one of the things that an automated payroll software should help you with, whether it’s about wage, changes in social security contribution, certain HR policies that suddenly becomes not applicable with new laws, even changes in tax withholding.

SweldoMo is TRAIN-ready so you have that one covered and it is compliant with the latest updates in Government mandated benefits. It is also important to note that SweldoMo is updated regularly so that you can be sure you are 100% compliant at all times.

There are many qualities you need to watch out for in a payroll software. Perhaps one of the key feature you need to really consider is flexibility because at the end of the day you need a system that can accommodate all your needs.