Can I change the Employment Status that my employees are under?

October 18, 2021 8:54 am Published by bbaltasar
  • Yes, changing the employee’s Employment Status is available in the SweldoMo system.
  • Editing Employees’ Employment Status Placement Individually
  1. To change the Employment Status an employee is under, select the employee’s profile under the Employee List.
  2. You can either click on the Edit icon under the Actions column of the Employee List table or simply double-click on the employee’s name to enter their profile.
  3. Under the Primary Information of the General tab, you will see the current Employment Status that the employee is under.
  4. Click on the Employment Status, and a dropdown menu will appear containing the available Employment Status in your company.
  5. Simply choose the new Employment Status that your employee will be in, and your changes will be saved.
  • Editing Multiple Employees’ Employment Status Placement
  1. To edit the Employment Status of multiple employees, click the Employee button on the navigation bar, then click on the Employee List.
  2. Once you see the Employee List table, choose the employees that were grouped into a different Employment Status, and tick the checkboxes found on the leftmost part of the Employee List table.
  3. Click on the Edit Employee button found above the Employee List table.
  4. On the Multiple Edit Employee page, look for the Employee Details section.
  5. Under the Employment Status dropdown menu, choose the new Employment Status for the employees you have chosen.
  6. Click on the Save Changes button below the page once you are done.