How can I edit the allowances that are given to my employees?

October 16, 2021 9:54 am Published by bbaltasar
  • Editing Employee Allowance Individually
  1. To edit employee allowances individually, click the Employee button on the navigation bar, then click on the employee List.
  2. Choose which employee you will provide the allowance to, and double click their name’s cell.
  3. Click on the Allowances tab of the Employee Profile.
  4. Choose which type of allowance will be edited under the Allowance Name column.
  5. Provide the changes by providing an updated amount to be given to the employee under the Amount Tab. Remember that the value that will be given will be equivalent to their monthly allowance.
  6. Choose the duration of when the allowance will be given under the schedule column. Note that you can only provide data under the Cycle From and Cycle To columns if you will choose the Select Cycles schedule.
  7. Provide a specific date of when to start giving the allowance under the Date of Effectivity column.
  8. Click the Check button under the Actions column once you are done editing.
  • Editing Allowances for Multiple Employees
  1. To edit allowances for multiple employees, click the Employee button on the navigation bar, then click on the Employee List.
  2. Once you see the Employee List table, choose the employees that were given the allowance, and tick the checkboxes found on the leftmost part of the Employee List table.
  3. Click on the Edit Employee button found above the Employee List table.
  4. On the Multiple Edit Employee page, look for the Individual Allowances section.
  5. Choose the allowance type to be edited, and provide the changes to the amount, the schedule when the allowance will be given, and/or the date of effectivity.
  6. Once done, click on Add/Update under the Action column dropdown.
  7. Click on the Save Changes button below the page once you are done.