How can I manage the overtime that the employees have filed?

October 18, 2021 3:22 pm Published by bbaltasar
  • Under Overtime Requests, you will see all the days of a certain payroll schedule wherein your employees rendered and requested overtime. You will also see whether these requests have been approved, and what actions you can take. Here’s how to manage these requests:
  1. You can click on Overtime under the Dashboard menu, and click on Overtime Requests.
  2. To check employees’ overtime records, simply apply the necessary filters, which are the name of the employee, the year, the payroll type, and the payroll cycle. Then, click on the Apply Filter button.
  3. The Overtime Table will show you the days wherein your employees rendered overtime on that specific payroll cycle.
  4. On the Overtime Request Table, you will see the total number of rendered overtime, and the number of approved overtime. Choose a date, and click on the Details icon under the View column to see the employees’ overtime records.
  5. The DTR Overtime Logs will show you all the employees that have rendered overtime for that day, the number of minutes requested of overtime approval, the number of approved minutes of overtime for every entry, the reason for the overtime, and whether or not the overtime has been approved.
  6. You can provide the minutes for the approved overtime for every entry by clicking under the Approved Overtime column.
  7. You can approve or disapprove the requests under the Approval column.
  8. You can also approve multiple overtime requests by ticking the checkboxes on the left side of the Overtime Logs table. Choose the appropriate action under the dropdown menu beside the Approved Overtime field, then click on the Apply button to save your changes.
  9. Once done, your changes will then be reflected on the payroll register for that specific cycle.