How can I set the shift schedule of my employees?

October 18, 2021 3:36 am Published by bbaltasar
  1. How can I set the shift schedule of my employees?
  • To set the shift schedules in the SweldoMo system, you need to first determine what type of shift schedule will be assigned for every employee. You can choose among these three: Regular Shift, Broken Shift, and Compressed Shift.

After choosing a shift type, simply provide the system with the work schedule of your employees. You can follow the steps below:

  • Regular Shift
  1. Click the Shifts button on the navigation bar, and click on Regular Shift.
  2. You can add shift schedules by clicking the Add New Shift button below the table.
  3. Under the Shift column, you can label your company’s different shift schedules, depending on what hours your business is open.
  4. You can put in the hours you and your employees have to work on under the Working Hours columns. For example, if you follow the standard working hours, you can put in 8:00 am as your starting time and 5:00 pm as the end of the shift.
  5. You can also provide the time for your employees’ break under the Break Hours columns. Note that you can only set a specific time under this column if your employees need to log in and log out during their break hours. If there is no specific time in your company for employees to take their breaks, you can just provide the number of minutes they can have a break under the Break Minutes. You can only edit the Break Minutes fields if you have not provided details under the Break Hours columns
  6. After providing the time details of your employees’ shift, the system will compute the total number of working minutes of every shift, taking in consideration the break hours, if you have provided any. The total break minutes will also be computed. Both will be shown in the Break Minutes and Working Minutes columns.
  7. You can edit your shifts by simply double clicking the cell of the data you want to edit.
  • Broken Shift
  1. Click the Shifts button on the navigation bar, and click on Broken Shift.
  2. You can add shift schedules by providing the needed details in the provided fields of the Add Broken Shift tab.
  3. Add a Shift name for every schedule to avoid confusion.
  4. Provide the first time in and time out for this schedule in their respective fields. To add more time in and time out schedules for this specific schedule, click the Add button on the right side of the Time In and Time Out fields. Add as many as needed. If you want to delete a shift for this certain schedule, simply click the Delete button beside the fields.
  5. The total working minutes of a certain shift schedule will be shown under the Working Minutes column.
  6. To edit certain shift schedules, click the Edit button under the Edit column.
  7. Simply click on the field where editing is needed and click the Save Shift button after you are done.
  8. If you want to delete a shift schedule, simply click the trash button under the Edit column.
  • Compressed Shifts
  1. Click the Shifts button on the navigation bar, and click on Compressed Shift.
  2. First, you need to determine your company’s work schedule every week. If your company works five days a week, that will result into 40 working hours, and in minutes, that will be 2,400 minutes. If your company follows the six-day work week, that will result into 48 hours or 2,880 minutes.
  3. To add a compressed shift schedule, provide the needed details under the Add Compressed Shift table.
  4. Provide a shift name, and choose which days your employee or employees won’t need to work by ticking the checkboxes under the Rest Day column.
  5. Keep in mind the necessary working hours for the week when scheduling your compressed shifts. Allocate the working hours when you see them fit by providing the start and end of every shift under these columns. The total number of minutes for every shift will be shown under this column to guide you. Note that the time you will provide for the shift is what will be followed by the employees under this schedule. Log in later than the provided start of the shift will be regarded as tardiness, and log out earlier than the end of the shift will be regarded as Under Time.
  6. If your compressed shift schedule does not fall under the 40-hour or 48-hour weekly shift, you can turn off the Restrict to 40 or 48 total switch found beside the Shift Name field.
  7. To save the schedule you made, simply click the Save Shift button.
  8. On the Compressed Shift Hours Table, you can see your saved shift schedules. Under the Edit Column, you can see different buttons. The first one is the Edit button. Click this if you need to make changes to your shift schedule. Simply click on the field under the Work Hours column if you want to edit a log in or log out time. You can also change the rest day/s of your employees by ticking and unticking these checkboxes. Once you are done, simply click Save Shift.
  9. The next button is the delete button. If you have schedules you no longer need, simply click this button.
  10. Last will be the Preview button. It will let you see the shift schedule along with its log in and log out times, and its rest days.