How can I set up my Company Profile?

October 16, 2021 9:50 am Published by bbaltasar

The Company Profile lets you save your company’s information, and lets you manage the elements that will affect your payroll and the available documents in the system.


On the Settings drop-down menu, click on Company Profile.


  • Company Profile Tab

The payroll switches are for you to manage the Additionals, Deductions, and other elements in your company payroll.

Simply click the on/off switch if you wish the elements seen in the table are to be included in your payroll.

You can learn more about the SweldoMo Company switches on the SweldoMo Knowledge Base here:


  • Grace Period

The Grace Periods tab is where you can provide the number of minutes after the login time wherein employees can be late without penalty or deduction to their salary. This tab will only be available once the Late Grace Period switch is turned on the Company Switches.

Default Grace Period

This is where you can provide the number of minutes for the company-wide late grace period.

Simply click on the Minutes field, and provide the number of minutes for your late grace period to add.

Custom Grace Periods

This table is where you can provide various late grace periods, depending on what your employees will be assigned to.

You can late grace period entries by clicking the Add Grace Period button below the table.

To delete an entry, simply click the trash icon under the Action table.


  • Overtime Rule Tab

On this tab, you can set the minimum amount of minutes that employees have to work for overtime pay to be applied, the default number of minutes of unpaid breaks, the required minutes for allowance to take effect during overtime, and the custom overtime block that will help the system to function properly to the previous settings you have provided.

Set the number of minutes for every function on the highlighted numbers provided.

To edit previously set minutes, simply click on the cell, and provide the needed changes.


  • Leave Policies Tab

The Leave Policies tab will help you manage company policies that are specifically for your employees’ leaves.

Allow Half-Day Leave

You can turn on this switch if your company allows employees to enjoy half-day leaves.

Click on the Yes/No switch to turn the switch on or off.

Paid Leave Availability

This section will help you determine when your employees will be able to enjoy leave privileges. You can choose to provide paid leaves upon hiring, upon regularization, or upon their work anniversary.

To set this leave policy, simply click on the provided field, and choose from the choices on the dropdown menu that will appear.


  • Signatories Tab

The company signatories will be the persons whose names will appear in certifications and other available documents in the system. Your company must at least have one signatory.

Provide the complete name of the signatory and their position in the company. Once done, click the Apply Changes button.

To add more signatories, simply click the Add button below the Position cell and repeat the process.

To delete a signatory, simply click the trash icon.

You can also see the expiration date of your subscription to SweldoMo on the upper right part of your company profile, besides the tabs.