How can I set up my company’s payroll?

October 18, 2021 5:07 am Published by bbaltasar
  1. To set up your company’s payroll, click Payroll Schedules on the Settings dropdown menu.
  2. Once there, you can pick which Payroll Type you are using. You can choose from Twice Weekly, Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly.
  3. Provide the schedule and coverage of every payroll. For example, if your business gives its payroll on a semi-monthly basis, there will be two scheduled paydays each month.
  4. If you want to edit a certain payroll schedule, simply click on the schedule you have made. Provide the needed changes, then click on the Edit Payroll Schedule button to save.
  5. You can delete a payroll schedule by clicking the X button beside your payroll schedules.
  6. You can keep adding payroll schedules depending on your company policy. After you have set your payroll schedules, they will appear on your screen with their coverage and payday.

Note: If you have the semi-monthly schedule, you will also need to determine the schedule for the payment of your employees’ mandatory benefits contribution, either it will be during the first cycle, the second, or during both.