Helpie FAQ

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Getting Started


  • What can I see on my SweldoMo Dashboard?
    • On the Dashboard itself, you will see a birds-eye view of the system statistics the SweldoMo Account Statistics, as well as a calendar for reminder setting and notifications, the quick employee search feature, and the holidays observed in the country.

    The SweldoMo graphs will only be a display of your company’s payroll expenses for a specific year. This will include which include graphs of the company’s annual total gross and net pay, division of annual pay per department, and annual contributions to government-mandated benefits. You can set the month and year you want to see data from by setting it on the date generator found above the Account Statistics.

    The Account Statistics will display details regarding employees’ attendance, absences, overtime, and under time. This section also serves as a shortcut to certain features, particularly those in need of your approval to be included in your payroll.

    With the dashboard calendar, you can set reminders and notes for meetings and other concerns you may have. Simply click on a specific date, and provide the details for the reminder. After you are done, click on the Set Reminder button.  If there are details you want to modify, simply click on the Edit symbol under Actions. You can also delete unneeded reminders by clicking the trash icon. For saved reminders, you will be notified by the system on the day itself.

  • What holidays will I see on the SweldoMo Dashboard’s Holidays List?
    • SweldoMo will display the list of national holidays for the current year on the Holidays List. The list will be updated every year, or whenever a national holiday is announced by the national government of the Philippines. The holidays listed here, and the policy for each will be reflected on the Daily Time Records and the payroll.
  • What are the User Logs?
    • Under the User Logs, you can see who accessed your account, and what they did while logged in. You can see the date and time the account was accessed, the name, email, and role of the user. The URL they accessed and the actions are taken.


    You can customize how many records can be seen on the table by clicking on the Show Records dropdown.

    You can search for a particular action or user by providing keywords on the search box found at the top of the User Logs table.

    If you want a copy of your User Logs, simply click the Download button found beside the search box.

  • What can I see on the SweldoMo News feature?
    • The SweldoMo News will display the updates, news, and announcements regarding the system. A pop-up box will appear when you log into your SweldoMo account if there are notifications or new updates in the system for you to try and enjoy. You can simply click the Close button once you are done reading its contents.
  • What is the Bell Button for in the SweldoMo Dashboard?
    • You can regularly check the bell button beside the Dashboard menu for reminders on things you might have missed in the SweldoMo system.


  • Can I customize the contents on my SweldoMo Dashboard?
    • The current settings in the SweldoMo system do not support this kind of feature.