HR Tasks – Automation Demands and Available Tech

March 22, 2018 12:03 pm Published by bbaltasar

There is no denying that one of the busiest offices in any organization is its HR department. Selection and hiring, learning and development, and other tasks are critical business functions that demand attention. As the organization expands, the workload of HR also becomes heavier.

But where is it heaviest? Which demands automation and what solutions are already available today to streamline the process?


Posting job vacancies on social can be time consuming and tedious. And this is just halfway of the hiring activities you need to do. As these job posts are up, résumés will start coming in. Depending on the size of the recruitment effort, this can mean hundreds to thousands of random, unsorted applications that need to be organized by HR.

There are however many ways to automate or simplify recruitment tasks. Using a social media management application like Hootsuite is one good example. This tool can help hiring specialists post all job vacancies through a single dashboard. Management of incoming applications is also simplified by Hootsuite as it centralizes messaging across different social media accounts.

An applicant tracking system or ATS can also be used by hiring and selection officers to sort out résumés – filtering out underqualified applicants and prioritizing specific details in candidates’ work profile and experience. This allows the HR Department to improve its ability to fill up a position.

HR Information Management

Employee files accumulate the moment people join the company – copies of TORs, birth certificates, marriage certificates, BIR, SSS, and HDMF documents, and etc. Imagine how fast personnel records accumulate through the years which includes loan records, DTR and pay slips, leave records, and many more.

Keeping these can consume a lot of space. As the business grows and opens up multiple branches, keeping these records in a location that can easily be accessed becomes a challenge.

The answer to these issues? Use an HR Management System – an online, cloud-based software that allows you to input information of an employee while having the ability to update it through the years, on any device, anywhere. Imagine a paperless record of each employee that you can access just by typing through a search bar! These are the advantages that an HR management system can give you.

Payroll Preparation

HR professionals who would say payroll processing is easy is either lying or already using a payroll software. Recording attendance and taking note of absences, tardiness and etc. is in itself a time consuming process. Even with biometric devices, processing DTR data can still be challenging if you have to manually compute the wages while accounting for overtime, loans, performance bonus, government mandated benefits, and etc.

There are however online payroll systems out in the market today that can help you process payroll from DTR to payout with minimal effort. Payroll software is often cloud-based and some are specifically designed for Filipino companies. Some are even TRAIN-ready and easily integrates to commonly used financial technology platforms such as Xero, JuanTax and etc.

HR tasks are really time consuming at the same time requires high level of accuracy – simply because it deals with the organization’s human capital. This makes automation a must for these functions. More than just saving time is improving the overall flow of HR tasks and indirectly, your business’ profitability.