SweldoMo Takes Part in Daraga Business Convention 2018

December 25, 2017 2:45 pm Published by bbaltasar

SweldoMo is one of the major sponsors of Daraga Business Convention, a breakthrough event by the PILO Movement, a Daraga-based organization pushing for progress in the municipality. The said event will be held in January 27, 2018 at the Oriental Hotel Legazpi. It is hoped to jumpstart accelerated business growth in Daraga. DBC2018 is a timely event for SweldoMo as it promotes automation of business processes, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on the more important things – like growing their market share and ultimately improving their bottom line.

Daraga Business Convention

This year is DBC’s first ever run, an event planned to be done annually. The aim of DBC is to equip businessmen with the latest technological tools for them to improve their businesses. It also aims to unify entrepreneurs in Daraga knowing that they form the economic backbone of the municipality. A vibrant business community means more jobs and more opportunities for Daraguenos, something that PILO is really interested in supporting.

The SweldoMo Partnership

In expressing it’s support to the event, SweldoMo will be giving away FREE 1-year subscription to the delegates of DBC2018. This solidifies its commitment to local businesses. It hopes to make them more receptive to technology as a means to improve their efficiency. SweldoMo is a powerful platform for automating one of the most time consuming tasks there is – payroll.

SweldoMo is a cloud-based payroll and HRMS that seeks to simplify the lives of Filipino entrepreneurs by automating payroll from DTR to payout. Designed for small and medium sized businesses, it has payroll register, DTR management and seamless integration to Xero and JuanTax, just to name a few of its many features.

The Bigger Challenge

The real challenge is convincing local businessmen to adopt the technological advantages of SweldoMo and transition towards cloud-based software for their payroll system. This is also the reason why SweldoMo is eager to be part of the DBC2018 – to help businessmen grasp the importance of automation and what this can do for their business.

There is no doubt that SweldoMo will simplify the whole payroll process. It is hoped that through the Daraga Business Convention, entrepreneurs can be more open to the idea. DBC will be leading the way in making Daraga future-ready. It is only through this that it can make significant leaps towards sustainable progress.