Key Issues HR Needs to Watch Out For in 2018

March 26, 2018 2:07 pm Published by jian.marvin

The modern practice of HR demands flexibility and readiness to act on necessary changes. Gone are the days of effortless hiring, mediocre payroll management, and maintaining weak corporate branding.

Today talent acquisition is fiercer by the day with companies vying for the best people to fill their ranks. Attracting people to the organization through unforgettable branding is also becoming a core HR function. With the rise of many powerful software, salary computation is now under the scrutiny of employees.

Looking at these things, the standards and expectations have obviously levelled up. HR needs to shape up too! These are some HR issues that need your attention this year.

Weak company branding

How can branding be ever part of HR work? To convince potential employees that the company is the best choice for them! Attracting talent is as important as active recruitment efforts. These days it is not just about the pay, benefits and job title. It is also about the awesome creatives of the job ads.

The graphics and awesome copy in your job posts are as important as the compensation package you offer to applicants. This is why companies with consistent branding online will likely attract more applicants than those companies with obscure online identity.

HR managers that are aware about branding and how it works for recruitment will be more successful in “selling” the company to the top talents in the industry.

Salary computation errors

With all the noise about AI, smart software solutions, and other tech tools in the workplace, people are now more aware of the implication of technology in organizational processes. Top of the list is making salary computation more accurate. This remains to be one of the biggest challenges for many Filipino companies, with many of them still doing it manually from recording time all the way to the computation of actual pay. If each part of the payroll process is done by paper, pen and a calculator, errors are inevitable.

Today, a simple pay error can mean very bad PR for the company with employees not content of complaining to HR but also sharing their frustration and anger over social media. This underlines the importance of accurate pay in today’s highly connected society.

There are many online software that offer powerful solutions for payroll management. Some even have built in HR management systems, making employee information easier to store and access. Investing on these can mean a happier workforce and a more efficient HR.

Lack of learning and development activities

Learning and development programs are not just necessary to keep your people abreast with the best practices in the industry. Looking at it through a wider lens, learning programs can help you engage your people with the objectives of the company.

The more you give them opportunities to learn more about their jobs and and get them ready for the next step in the corporate ladder, the more they will involve themselves to the plans of the company towards growth and profitability. Failure to train means missing a key opportunity to get your workforce onboard with your future goals.

Learning programs are also important for your present and future managers. The more leaders you train, the deeper your bench for people who have the ability, skills, and inclination to lead the organization. Skills such as performance management, effective feedback techniques, and managing expectations need to be passed on through training programs.

Considering these three things can help you best align your human capital with the direction of the business. This is HR being a strategic partner for the organization.