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Bank Payroll File Generation

SweldoMo can provide bank payroll files for the banks your employees are affiliated with. The system supports multiple banks and payroll file formats. Bank payroll files can be generated as an Excel or text file. If there are other file formats you need, you can contact SweldoMo’s technical support team so we can address your request.

  1. On the dashboard menu, click on Reports. Click on Payroll, then List of Payroll Registers.
  2. Choose a cycle from your saved payroll registers, and click the Bank Payroll File button on the right side of the box to generate a bank payroll file.
  3. Choose the bank you are affiliated with from the dropdown menu, then click the Generate Bank File button.
  4. Once the bank file is generated, you can copy the data generated by the system and simply paste it on the template provided by your bank.

Note: For some banks, the SweldoMo system will generate a bank payroll file that you can download and send directly to your bank. The file format generated in this section will depend on what your affiliated bank requires.