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BIR Alpha List

  1. To generate an alphabetical list of employees who have paid tax in line with Philippine Revenue Regulations, you will need to provide a few details.
  2. First, provide an entry for Schedule 5.0. You will need the TIN number, which branch the list will be from, the year, the registered name of the non-individuals, and the full name of the individuals. You will also need a Status code, Tax Code, amount of Income Payment, rate of Tax, and Actual Amount Withheld. Once done, simply click Submit.
  3. You will also need to provide an entry for schedule 6.0. for this, you will need the employee’s name, the year, the Alpha Numeric Tax code, the Amount of fringe, Gross-up Monetary Value, and Actual Amount Withheld. Click Submit once you have provided all the needed details.
  4. Now, you will only need to pick a year, and whether to generate a new list, or a recently saved one. Click Generate Alpha List once you are done.
  5. You can choose to save the generated Alpha list, Generate saved DAT File, or Generate DAT File from the list.