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Broken Shift

You can add Broken Shift schedules in this section. This kind of shift schedule is for employees who works on various time periods during the day.

  1. Click the Shifts button on the navigation bar, and click on Broken Shift.
  2. You can add shift schedules by providing the needed details in the provided fields of the Add Broken Shift tab.
  3. Add a Shift name for every schedule to avoid confusion.
  4. Provide the first time in and time out for this schedule in their respective fields. To add more time in and time out schedules for this specific schedule, click the Add button on the right side of the Time In and Time Out fields. Add as many as needed. If you want to delete a shift for this certain schedule, simply click the Delete button beside the fields.
  5. The total working minutes of a certain shift schedule will be shown under the Working Minutes column.
  6. To edit certain shift schedules, click the Edit button under the Edit column.
  7. Simply click on the field where editing is needed and click the Save Shift button after you are done.
  8. If you want to delete a shift schedule, simply click the trash button under the Edit column.