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DTR Management by Date

Under this section, you can manage DTR records by date. This section will help you check the attendance details, and will not focus on the employees.

  1. You can click on DTR under the Dashboard menu, and click on DTR by Date.
  2. To check employees’ DTR records, simply apply the necessary filters, which are the name/s of the employee/s, the year, the payroll type, and the payroll cycle. Then, click on the Apply Filter button.
  3. You can also narrow down your search by clicking on the gear symbol on the rightmost part of your screen. Choose the branch, department, and shift you want the search to focus on. You can also tick the Show Inactive Employees checkbox if you want to include inactive employees to your search. Click on the Apply Filter once you are done.
  4. The DTR Management by Date Table will show you the DTR records listed by date. You will also see the number of absences for every day, and also the number of employees present.
  5. To see a specific date’s DTR records, click on the Details icon under the View column.
  6. The DTR Logs will show you all of your employees’ records on that specific day. It will show the time they logged in and out of work, along with their daily record of tardiness, under time, overtime, and the number of minutes they worked for the day.
  7. You can edit the attendance details of multiple employees all at once by ticking the checkbox beside their names, and providing the needed changes on the attendance fields above the DTR Logs table, the Overtime Approval dropdown, the Working Day/Rest Day dropdown, and the Approved Overtime Field. Click on the Apply button once you are done. All the changes you will provide in the DTR Logs will be reflected into the attendance records, and your payroll.

Note: Make sure you review the log in and log out details before making changes to multiple employees at the same time. The time of log in or log out you will input on the attendance fields will be reflected on all the employees whose checkbox you ticked.