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Generate Payroll

With SweldoMo, you can generate and save reports on the system itself so you will never lose your records, and so you can have a paperless and effortless transaction every time!

SweldoMo’s Payroll Register will display a detailed report of your employees’ salaries for a specific payroll schedule. It will include the mandatory deductions, the allowances, the salary adjustments, and all other data taken from your employee’s daily time records that can affect their salaries.

  1. Under Generate Payroll, you will see the Payroll Register Table.
  2. Choose from which year, payroll type and payroll cycle the generated payroll register will be for. Click Generate Payroll.
  3. If you want to provide modifications in the payroll before generating it, you can click Pre-generation by clicking the Pre-generation button.
  4. With pre-generation, you can automate the 13th-month pay, compute for the total unused Leave Credits and convert them to cash.
  5. You can also check the Loans and Adjustments that will be part of the payroll you will be generating.
  6. If you are done with the changes, simply click Generate Payroll Register.
  7. If you want a physical copy of the report, simply click the Download button.
  8. The generated payroll will show the wages of your employees in the specific payroll cycle you chose.
  9. If you want to customize the generated payroll, simply click on the gear symbol at the right side of the screen under the dashboard menu to see the Advanced Payroll Register Settings.
  10. You can choose from which payroll type, year, cycle, branches, and department the payroll will be. You can also choose the manner in how the entries will be sorted in this section. If you want to group the payroll into branches and departments, simply tick these checkboxes.
  11. You can click Generate Payroll to see your changes, or just download it right away.
  12. You can also generate a payroll that would not reflect incomplete DTRs by ticking its corresponding checkbox.
  13. You can also save your payroll registers even after your current payroll cycle. To do this, simply click the Save Payroll Register button once you have generated the payroll.