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How to Add Employees Individually

How to Add Employees Individually

You can add employees individually by clicking the Add employee button above the Employee List table.

Provide the needed details of your employee under every tab.


  1. Under Account, you need to provide the employee’s complete name, email address, and a profile picture.
  2. You can also provide access to the SweldoMo system by ticking the Create with Log-in Access checkbox. By doing so, you will need to provide more details for the system access, which are the User Type, Email Address to be used, and the password for the account access.


  1. Under the Primary tab, you need to provide your employee’s employee code, the date when he/she was employed, which shift, department and branch he/she is under, and the employee’s job title, employment stage and employment status.


  1. The Personal tab is divided into two sections, the Personal Information, and the Address Information.
  2. Under the Personal Information section, you need to provide the birth date, place of birth, gender, nationality, civil status, number of children (if applicable), and the phone and mobile number of the employee.
  3. Under the Address Information, you will need to provide the full address of your employee, including the city and province they live in, and their zip code.


  1. The Dependents tab is applicable to employees who have children, and those who are looking after the financial needs of other people.
  2. If an employee has one or more dependents, simply click the Add New Dependent button.
  3. You will need to provide the details of the employee’s dependent by providing their complete name, their gender, date of birth, relationship to the employee, PhilHealth ID (in there is any), and whether or not the dependent has a disability.
  4. You can keep adding dependents by clicking on the Add /new Dependent button.
  5. If there are details that need to be edited, simply click the provided space, and provide the necessary changes.
  6. If the person is no longer a dependent of the employee, simply click the trash icon inside the Dependent form.


  1. Under the Employment tab, you will need to provide the employee’s employment information, which are the payroll type your employee is under, the basic monthly and/or the daily rate pay of the employee, and their rest day.
  2. Under this tab, you will also need to provide the government ID numbers of your employee, which are the SSS No., the BIR TIN No., the PhilHealth ID No., the Pag-IBIG ID No., the Date of their HDMF Membership. The employee’s bank details will also be needed, which are the bank the employee is affiliated with, and his/her bank account number.


  1. The last tab to fill out will be the Switches tab. Under this, you can simply switch on the additionals, deductions and conditions that will be applicable to your employee. The changes in this tab will also affect the payroll of your employee.
  2. Under the Additionals Switches are the Night Differential switch, the Holiday Pay switch, and the Overtime Pay switch.
  3. Under Deductions are the Under Time switch, the Tardiness switch, and the Absence switch.
  4. Lastly, under Conditions are the Include to Payroll switch, and the Special Working Hours switch.

Once you are done providing all the needed details, simply click the Save button to add the employee to your Employee List.