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How to add Multiple Employees

  1. To add multiple employees into the system at the same time, you will need to download the SweldoMo Employee Import template. To do so, you can click the download button above the Employee List table.
  2. Select the details you wish to see on the template from the list that will be provided. Once you are done, you can click the Download button.
  3. You can also get the SweldoMo Employee Import template by clicking the Upload button above the Employee List table, and clicking Download found on the first reminder. By downloading the template this way, you will get a template with your current employees (if you have added employees into the system previously), and the details that were needed.
  4. Importing of Employee Files can also be accessed directly under the Employees dropdown.
  5. Once you have a copy of the template, provide all the necessary details. It is also important to read the Reminders given regarding importing employee files.
  6. When you are done providing the needed details, import your employee file by clicking on the Browse button found in the Import Employee File window. Select the file you need, and click the Upload button to add the employees into the system.