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Leave Type

On the Leave Type tab, you can put all the different types of leave your employees can use. There are some default types of leaves that are already available. Your employees can request these leaves, and use them when they need them. However, there are some leaves that are optional and are available per company policy.
  1. You can add more types of leave in this tab depending on what your company practices by clicking the Add New Leave Type button   above the table. Provide the Leave Type name, how many credits it gives for your employees to use, and choose whether it is convertible to cash or not, whether the leave type applies to all employees, whether it is a paid leave, and whether it can be accrued or not. Click the Save button   once done.
  2. To edit your customized leave types, simply click on the Edit  icon under the Actions column, and provide your changes. Click the Save button   once you are done.
  3. You can delete a certain type of leave that is no longer provided by clicking the trash icon  under Actions.