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Real-time Clock in and Clock out with FaceDTR

The FaceDTR app is the perfect application for your mobile devices. Like the FaceDTR Web, it supports real-time clock-in and clock-out, photo capture, and geolocation. The difference is, with the FaceDTR app, you can employees can access more features such as online tracking of their personal DTRs, viewing of payslips, and online requests for filing of leave and overtime.

To use FaceDTR using mobile devices, be sure to have the FaceDTR app installed in your phone. You can download it through the App Store for iOS devices, and through the Play Store for Android devices.


  1. To log in and out of work using the FaceDTR app, start by providing the company code, and your employee code. Click Verify after you are done.
  2. Once you have entered your account into the app, you can log in or out of work by simply clicking the Log In or Log Out button. To confirm your log in and log out, click Okay in the Confirmation window. Take a picture of yourself to serve as your record for your attendance.