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Regular Shift

Under the regular shift, you can add schedules that do not need customized working hours. Regular shift schedules include the typical working hours such as the 8 AM to 5 PM schedule, and the Graveyard Shift.

  1. Click the Shifts button on the navigation bar, and click on Regular Shifts.
  2. You can add shift schedules by clicking the Add New Shift button below the table.
  3. Under the Shift column, you can label your company’s different shift schedules, depending on what hours your business is open.
  4. You can put in the hours you and your employees have to work on under the Working Hours columns. For example, if you follow the standard working hours, you can put in 8:00 am as your starting time and 5:00 pm as the end of the shift.
  5. You can also provide the time for your employees’ break under the Break Hours columns. Note that you can only set a specific time under this column if your employees need to log in and log out during their break hours. If there is no specific time in your company for employees to take their breaks, you can just provide the number of minutes they can have a break under the Break Minutes. You can only edit the Break Minutes fields if you have not provided details under the Break Hours columns
  6. After providing the time details of your employees’ shift, the system will compute the total number of working minutes of every shift, taking in consideration the break hours, if you have provided any. The total break minutes will also be computed. Both will be shown in the Break Minutes and Working Minutes columns.
  7. You can edit your shifts by simply double clicking the cell of the data you want to edit.

If there are shifts that are no longer needed, or if there have been changes in the work schedule, you can delete a shift schedule by clicking on the trash bin symbol under the Actions column.