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Uploading of Daily Time Records

  1. You can click on DTR under the Dashboard menu, and click on DTR by Employee.
  2. If you are using separate timekeeping device, you will need to download the SweldoMo DTR template. To do so, click on the Download Template button on the upper right part of the table. Provide the necessary filters, which are the department, branch, month, and year the DTR template will be for. Click on the Download button once done.
  3. Once you have the DTR template, you can now provide the attendance details of your employees for that specific month. You will need to put in their log in and log out times, and also the log in and log out details for their break time if necessary. You will also need to provide the shift schedule the employee is under for every day. Repeat the process for all the employees in the downloaded template.
  4. Once you are done, you can now upload the template into the system. Just click on the Upload DTR file button beside the Download DTR File button, then choose the DTR file from your local system. If there are some log in or log out details missing from your records, you can click on the Skip Validation checkbox. If you leave this unchecked, uploading may be interrupted should there be any missing details from your file.
  5. You can also choose whether to upload a SweldoMo DTR Template, or a Biometric Device Report. Whatever you upload, make sure that it is in the .xlsx format.
  6. Simply click the Upload button once you are done. The uploaded DTR will now be accessible to the system, and its details will be reflected on your payroll.