Matabungkay Welcomes Dawn of Automation as SweldoMo Heads Back to Batangas

August 22, 2018 11:03 am Published by bbaltasar

With the rising need for better operational efficiency and effectivity in the workplace, especially in hospitality businesses, SweldoMo is what every business needs for their lives to be easier. Having been visited by the BD Software team before in April, the personnel of Matabungkay Beach Hotel in Lian, Batangas are no strangers to the innovation the system provides to their payroll processes.

With more tricks up their sleeves, the BD Software team found their way back to the breathtaking resort last August 16, 2018. The IT Manager of SweldoMo, Ronnie Anzano headed the presentation of the better, more flexible, and user-suited SweldoMo. With him to present are SweldoMo’s developer, Earl Julius Empic, and of course, SweldoMo’s CEO, Mr. Bernie John Baltasar. They presented an updated SweldoMo, integrated with all the features that amazed the personnel of Matabungkay before, and all the improvements that were suggested and worked on.

Eager to know and understand the updated features of the system, Matabungkay personnel Ms.  Jennylyn Pena – HRD Manager, Ms.  Mary Fay Colon – Operations Manager, Mr. Dave Banaag – Security Supervisor, Ms.  Aida Javier – Accounting Manager, Ms. Marsha Cebeda – FO Supervisor, Ms. Florelyn Mendoza and Ms. Emy Gonzales – Accounting Department, Ms. Myca Javier – Company Nurse/HR Assistant, and Mr. Andy Mariscotes – General Manager all attended the presentation. The hotel has started getting their business more modernized and accessible, having internet access all around the area, even by the shore.  With the addition of SweldoMo in their system, the hotel has truly embraced technology and is now ready for the new challenges in payroll and can now resolve the issues the staff and personnel has met before.

Nothing short of a breakthrough in the payroll and Human Resource Management field, SweldoMo will truly help in the advancement and efficiency in any business. With its features, it will be an automated, easier, and cheaper way to handle payroll.

Seeing all SweldoMo has to offer, the management of MBH decided to be on board and experience SweldoMo and all its amazing features. After the presentation, Mr. Bernie John Baltasar and Mr. Andy Mariscotes discussed with each other and signed an engagement proposal, becoming partners in the advancement and improvement of payroll process and Human Resource management in Matabungkay.

Matabungkay is only one of the many businesses moving forward into automation and innovation. With SweldoMo, you can have a paperless, errorless payroll and HR system that is flexible and is also accessible anytime and anywhere you are.

Be among those who are ahead of the pack! Make your business easier. Use SweldoMo now!