Make every day easier!

Keep your spirits up high because we’ve got more in store for you! Whatever tasks you have at the moment, these products and services will surely be the help you need to lead a more productive and relaxing everyday life.

  • Payroll

    Enjoy a more efficient and effective payroll process for your business

    SweldoMo lets you take care of the simplest to the most tedious payroll tasks in just a few minutes. Now, you can be more productive with an efficient and effective system that will truly optimize your working conditions.

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  • HR Management Information System

    An all-around HRIS for your company’s needs

    With SweldoMo’s automated HR management system, you can work through endless stacks of HR paperwork in no time. You won’t even have to shuffle through countless papers and documents to do so. Seems perfect, right?

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  • Performance Management System

    Be productive all day, every day!

    Set goals and track progress easily with your employees! With a helpful performance management system, you can stay on top of daily tasks and goals with no worries.  

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  • Learning Management System

    Employee training doesn’t get easier than this!

    Get access to important files and informative learning materials with SweldoMo’s Learning Management System. From Product Demos to System Trainings, the LMS provides modules on everything you need to know, and meetings and discussions can now be more engaging with the Live Conference feature.

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  • Analytica

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  • Video Live Conference Resource

    Stay connected, and see how your business grows

    Important meetings never have to get rescheduled again! Keep in touch with everyone and keep that team spirit strong with the Video Live Conference Resource. Now, you can participate in meetings, brainstorm and share ideas, conduct group discussions, and agree on fundamental decisions whenever and wherever you are!

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  • WebDTR Desktop

    Log in and out of work with just a few clicks!

    Get the attendance records of your employees in real time with the SweldoMo WebDTR Desktop! This amazing feature will record the clock in and clock out of your employees, whether they are at the office, at home, or somewhere off-site.

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  • FaceDTR Mobile App

    Give employees the only mobile work app they will ever need!

    The FaceDTR app houses numerous features that are practical, and will truly be beneficial for your employees. From DTR tracking to generation of payslips, FaceDTR will be everyone’s go-to mobile application for all HR needs.

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SweldoMo is made with the Filipino entrepreneur in mind. It understands the unique details of payroll processing in the Philippines.