Log in and out of work with just a few clicks!

WebDTR Desktop

Do you think your current attendance tracking device is giving you the best for your employees’ needs? Take attendance tracking up another level, and try SweldoMo’s WebDTR today!

The SweldoMo WebDTR Desktop app provides easy access for employees’ Clock-in and Clock-out. Employees’ attendance records will also be recorded in real time, and will help you manage your employees records with no worries. This feature is available on the SweldoMo website, and will let your employees whether they are at the office, at home, or somewhere off-site.

Try it today, and see how much easier attendance tracking can be!

Real-time Clock in and Clock out

SweldoMo offers real-time attendance tracking with WebDTR Desktop. This feature lets employees log in and out of work easily no matter their location and no matter the time of the day. Attendance tracking for WebDTR Desktop is accessible through the SweldoMo website.

Geolocation by Google

With Geolocation on the WebDTR Desktop, you will be able to track the location where employees logged in or out of work using this the web app. Geolocation will tag the general geographical location of the employee using WebDTR through Google Maps.

Photo Capture Attendance

The SweldoMo WebDTR Desktop feature records attendance through the use of photo capture. Employees can simply take a selfie to log in and out of work, and their records will be reflected into the system. Easy to use and enjoyable at the same time!