An all-around HRIS for your company’s needs

HR Management Information System

Say goodbye to the stacks of HR paperwork on your desk! With SweldoMo, you will enjoy a paperless system with reports and forms instead of the countless papers and documents. Now, it will be more uncomplicated to work on your employees’ information and HR needs.

With SweldoMo’s own Human Resources Management System, you will be introduced to a powerful HR tool that’s perfect for growing businesses. The SweldoMo HRMS allows you to select from a list of modules to fit your requirements which include Employee Leave Management, Personal Information Management and Time & Attendance Tracking.

The software can also automatically compute work hours, tardiness, overtime, and more. Tracking time and computing pay has never been this quick and easy. Now you can integrate your organization’s existing DTR system with SweldoMo, either through biometric devices or Excel Templates. That’s a few workdays worth of tasks done in only a few minutes!

HR Management

HR Management Reports can also be generated easily for your Human Resource Department. The reports available in the system are certifications of contributions for SSS, PhilHealth and HDMF, certificate of employment, and reports for Birthdays, Leaves Balances, Tenure, and Head counts. Reports for attendance, absences, OTs and UTs are also available in the system.

Manager Control Service

Teamwork makes the dream work, and an effective Team Leader helps create the most productive team ever! With SweldoMo, you can stay organized with your team members’ information – whether it be their employee records, DTRs, or other needed details for their payroll. Now, team management is made more practical and systematized for you and your team with the Manager Control Service!

Employee Self-Service

Whether you are working from home, working offsite, or working at the office, you no longer need to wait days or even hours to finish processing your employees’ requests or generating their records. With SweldoMo’s Employee Self-Service feature, employees can access their DTRs, payslips, leave records, and shift schedules. They can also personally file for different requests, should the need arise.

201 File Management

With SweldoMo, you can easily manage employee information as it is safely stored in the system, and add more employees as your business grows. SweldoMo also has the employee search and advanced filtering capabilities, and the salary growth management monitoring. The system also lets you manage individual policies, and define user roles for your employees.

Leave Management

For SweldoMo’s Leave Management feature, you can approve or disapprove the leave requests your employees will submit. You can also manage the leave types available to your employees – whether they are mandatory leaves or company leaves, monitor their remaining leave credits, and keep track of all the leave records they have in this section.

Employee Attendance Management

The DTR Management section of SweldoMo lets you manage employees’ attendance through the DTRs you upload into the system. SweldoMo is compatible with timekeeping devices such as Bundy Clocks and Biometric devices. Employee DTR can also be tracked through SweldoMo’s add-on app, FaceDTR and the website’s application, FaceDTR Web.

Shift Management

Under Shift Management, you can manage the work hours of your employees by choosing among the three common kinds of shifts, namely the Regular Shift, Broken Shift, and Compressed Shift. You can also customize the shift schedules you have added, and provide the work hours and break hours that are observed in your company.