Employee training doesn’t get easier than this!

Learning Management System

SweldoMo’s Learning Management System (LMS) offers an organized system that can provide the necessary modules and learning materials for those in need of training for the SweldoMo system, and for trainings, seminars, or any educational endeavors. This system can facilitate the technology to deliver videos, video conference tools, lecture PDFs, and online presentations, and can support more authentic assessment strategies.

The LMS can help make training and lectures be more effective, and users can enjoy their learning whenever and wherever they are most comfortable.

With SweldoMo’s Learning Management System, users will be fully informed of their progress and status, and will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge in every level of their training. The LMS truly provides modules on everything you need and more!

Online Registration

Upon enrollment or sign-up, students, reviewers, and employees can create their own accounts to be registered into the LMS. Their e-Learning account will require their personal information and will serve as their identification in the system.

Account Dashboard

Every user of LMS will be given access to their personal Dashboard, which the user will see upon logging into the LMS. This is where the users will see the available modules for their level, and will be useful in organizing their work for their trainings and classes.

User Profile Management

Each User will have its own profile integrated into your organization or institution. With an LMS account, they can manage all their schedules, lectures, and study materials. The Users' Profile will display their Account Information, and other personal information needed by your organization.

Trainers | Professors Profile Management

Like the Users, trainers or professors will also have their own accounts to use in the LMS platform. With this, they can display their Account Information to identify them as one of the organization's trainers or professors of the institution.

Course Creation and Integration

One of the basic features of the LMS is providing Trainers and Professors the ability to provide their course’s outline and learning modules wherein all the subjects and topics for the academic year or the training period will be anchored.

Virtual Room

Although this system cannot be as personal as traditional classes, it can still provide a sense of belonging, and can still foster proper communication and cooperation among users and professors or trainers through pre-recorded videos and conferences.

Support Messaging

Users can provide their questions and concerns regarding specific topics or subjects directly to their professors or trainers through the Query Box. Users can also give our Technical Team a nudge should they have concerns regarding the system itself.

Real-Time Notification

With the Notification system, professors or trainers can provide announcements, alerts, and notifications to the classes they are handling without disturbing other users. Professors or Trainers can specify who will receive the notification, and choose when to send them.

Video Live Conferencing (VLC)

With the LMS, users/participants, professors, and trainers can discuss lectures and other educational matters together, anywhere they are. With the Live Lectures, professors or trainers can set meetings to help everyone’s overall learning.

Multimedia Learning Materials

The system can be equipped with all the learning materials the users or participants will need. Professors or Trainers can upload lectures accompanied by learning materials in PDF formats, PowerPoint presentations, video selections, and the like.

Other Multimedia Resources

The LMS lets users have a place to work on their requirements online, complete with electronic notes, pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other document files. These are classified into different topics and subjects, all ready for them to review and use.

File Share Management

The LMS offers a special feature that allows users, participants, and trainers to store and share educational files to aid in their studies. The File Share feature lets every student upload documents, photos, videos, and other files that they may need.

Performance Management Tools

Professors and Trainers can test users’ progress, learning abilities, and skill sets through online quizzes and examinations. Users will be provided with Performance Test Schedules to help them prepare for their tests. This is available for all the subjects or modules the users or participants will be taking.

Forum Central

Get a space to freely conduct discussions and conversations about lectures, and everything else under the sun! The LMS has a one-of-a-kind Forums feature where users and participants can share their thoughts on a particular topic of discussion that their professor or trainer has provided.

Security Features

We know how easy it is for an online system to be at risk, that is why we provided safety and security measures into our system, and all its features. Videos, PowerPoint Presentations, PDFs, and Schedules are also encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Mobile and E-Tablet Accessibility

The LMS can be accessed through different devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones; depending on which is available to the users, participants, trainers, or professors. With the system accessible anytime, you are sure to ace all your performance tests and exams!