Give employees the only mobile work app they will ever need!

FaceDTR Mobile App

Tried and tested by employees all around the country, SweldoMo’s FaceDTR app is here to let you enjoy SweldoMo’s amazing features for all employees. The FaceDTR app revolutionizes employee self-service, and will let you stay organized with your employees’ records and requests.

The FaceDTR app helps employees log in and log out easily with its photo capture powered system. This innovation not only brings ease to employees, but to employers as well. With the help of Google Maps, employers can track the location where every photo entry is taken. This app is truly practical, efficient and reliable; perfect for every business!

From DTR tracking to generation of payslips, FaceDTR will be everyone’s go-to mobile application for all HR needs. The app is now available for download on Google Play Store and on the App Store.

Real-time Clock in and Clock out

SweldoMo’s FaceDTR app allows real-time attendance tracking for all your employees. This feature is perfect for employees working from home or anyone working off-site, as it is accessible no matter the location of your employee, and no matter the time of the day.

DTR Tracking

Allow employees to check their daily time records through the FaceDTR app! With this useful feature, employees will be able to check the time they logged in and out of work, and will also be able to check for incomplete attendance before your payroll cut-off date.

Payslip Generation

For the Payslip Generation feature, employees can check their salaries through their mobile phones. The app can generate a detailed payslip with the amount of the factors that affected their salary, or a simple summary of how much they got for every payroll.

Filing of Employee Leave

The SweldoMo app provides employees access to filing for leaves, should they need a day or two off from work. This feature is perfect for those in immediate need of a break, but do not have the time to file their leave personally.

HR Requests

Employee assistance can be difficult for HR personnel, especially to those who are working from home. Fortunately, with the HR Requests feature of FaceDTR, employees can send in their concerns which the HR personnel can address in a timelier and more organized manner.

Filing for Overtime

With the FaceDTR app, employees can request or file for overtime This feature will let employees help the HR department in identifying the days that an overtime has been rendered for easy approval and application to the payroll.

Geolocation by Google

With Geolocation on the FaceDTR Mobile App, you will be able to track the location where employees logged in or out of work using this app. Geolocation will tag the general geographical location of the employee using FaceDTR through Google Maps.

Photo Capture Attendance

The SweldoMo FaceDTR Mobile App feature records attendance through the use of photo capture. Employees can simply take a selfie to log in and out of work, and their records will be reflected into the system. Easy to use and enjoyable at the same time!