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Performance Management System

Employee performance is something every manager must be familiar with. An employee’s individual work may directly affect that of the team, and you need to keep your employees’ progress be as stable as they can be.

With SweldoMo, you can stay on top of your tasks, and still lead your team to success! Be more attentive to your employees’ needs and work with the Performance Management System. This can help you provide better communication within your team, set goals, and track progress easily.

With an organized and inspired team, your business will surely be at its best. Try it today!

Dashboard Features

The Performance Management System not only helps in monitoring productivity and team connection, but also to provide a place for skill assessment and project monitoring for all employees. The system’s Dashboard offers shortcuts for the system’s key features, as well as summaries for the organization and the employees’ projects and objectives.


Provide a more organize space for your employees’ long-term and short-term work objectives with the Performance Management System. Seeing all that needs to be done, and being able to see one’s progress might just be what you need for a more inspired and productive team. Start setting objectives, and strive to achieve the key results of every project today!

Career Path

See how your employees grow, and guide them as they follow their paths to success. The Performance Management System’s Career Path feature will help your employees see their work experience in the company, the positio


Learn more about the people in your growing team! Monitor their details, and see the teams and departments they are in for all your projects and activities. The People feature of the Performance Management System will also help you see how well the employees are doing with their work individually, and as a single unit.

Performance Assessments

Reviewing employees’ progress and performance is necessary for the success of any project or business. This activity may be tedious, but with the Performance Management System, you can finish assessments in one sitting. The system also has a section for the assessments you have yet to start for you to be able to work on them accordingly.

Skill Assessments

Let your employees assess each other’s skills on their chosen career path with the SweldoMo PMS. Skill assessments and peer reviews are available, and will help you manage performance expectations and employee–manager relationships more effectively. This will also help you check on the employees’ work development, skill level, and their team engagement.


Teamwork will always be the number one factor in fostering a successful team. While we can’t all be experts on our own fields yet, the Performance Management System provides mentorship pairings for team members to work on their skills in a given project. This aims to improve project-handling and peer relationships.

1 on 1 Meetings

With the PMS, you can foster a healthy work environment where managers and employees can work in harmony. One-on-one discussions and feedbacks are supported by the system, and calendar integrations and notifications are also available to encourage both productivity and camaraderie in the workplace.