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Video Live Conference Resource

Say goodbye to third-party applications for your meetings and discussions! With SweldoMo, you can easily set live lectures, meetings, seminars, or any video conference you may need to attend.

With the Video Live Conference Resource, you can can discuss lectures and other matters for your trainings and tasks together, anytime and anywhere. With the Live Lectures, trainers can set these meetings to help everyone’s overall learning.

Working from home or off-site doesn’t have to be stressful and annoying. Stay connected with your team with the VL Conference Resource!

Online Sessions

The Video Life Conference Resource lets you connect with your colleagues and peers to discuss virtually any topic. With the Online Sessions, you can have a more convenient space for all meetings and discussions.

Set Online Sessions

Setting up meetings on the VLC Resource is simple, and can be done with just a few clicks! Wherever you are situated, and whatever time it is there, meetings can be set up with no difficulty.

Share Screen Feature

Online meetings and discussions can make it difficult to explain what you see on your end, but with the Share Screen Feature of the VLC Resource, everyone will be able to understand what you are talking about in your discussions.

Meeting Chatroom

The VLC Resource is easy to use, and is accessible by any device anywhere you are. However, if there are unforeseen circumstances that affect your device’s audio or video capabilities, you can drop a message through the VLC Resource chat box for everyone to see.

Raise Hand Feature

It may be hard to talk or to share your thought during a busy meeting, but with the VLC Resource’s Raise Hand feature, users in the meeting room can get the attention of the speaker. Perfect for discussions and lectures!