SweldoMo At Batangas: Automating Payroll One Business At A Time

May 4, 2018 11:49 am Published by jian.marvin

SweldoMo is taking a proactive stance in helping businesses of all sizes transition their payroll processing from manual-conventional to automated-online. Last April 27, 2018, it reached far by helping a business in Batangas (SweldoMo is based in Bicol) – the Matabungkay Beach Hotel in Lian, Batangas. As expected, the management team of the hotel was convinced that SweldoMo is their way of improving their operational efficiency.

Ronnie Anzano, the IT Manager of SweldoMo, headed the user training together with no less than the CEO of SweldoMo Bernie Baltasar, and its Marketing Manager, William Anonuevo. The presenters were able to build a strong case for their flagship product and this was received well by the business.

The training was attended by key Matabungkay Beach Hotel personnel Ms.  Mary Fay Colon – Operation Manager, Ms.  Aida Javier – Accounting/HRD Manager, Ms.  Jennylyn Pena – Incoming HRD Manager, Mr.  Domingo Elisterio Jr – IT supervisor, and Ms. Myca Javier – Company Nurse/HR Assistant. The commitment of the hotel to embrace the technology brought by SweldoMo is testament of their resolve to get their business to the next level. This is the kind of drive and forward thinking that will define the businesses of the future. SweldoMo is happy that this hospitality business is adopting its software, making payroll and other HR tasks simpler, faster.

The training was not just a technical run-through of the breakthrough system but also a crash course into cloud technology, automated processing, information system, and many more. It was a very informative session for the attendees and it was also a great avenue for SweldoMo presenters to get a feel of the struggles of the hotel in their HR work. The more questions thrown, the deeper insights for software development and improvement.

The Matabungkay Beach Hotel is now poised to take the next step. With SweldoMo and BD BPO’s help, it can have the software running in a few months or weeks. Right now the SweldoMo and BD BPO teams are busy setting up the whole platform for the system to work effectively, from Internet connectivity to the set up of hardware and other needed devices.

SweldoMo is changing the landscape of doing business. It hopes to reach as many Filipino businesses as it can, pushing the envelope of innovation in payroll and other HR-related functions. And its making good progress. Interested in automating your payroll? Get in touch with SweldoMo now!