What To Do Now That You’re Fired

May 21, 2019 11:31 am Published by jian.marvin

With the economic status our country is facing today, a stable job has never been more necessary to every individual. Finding a job may be difficult, but losing one brings more problems to everyone. Living in the period of unemployment can be daunting and stressful, especially with all the responsibilities you should take care of.

People deal with problems differently from each other. Some people cope with unemployment better than others, but that does not mean their problems are easier than what others have. However way you cope with the stress of unemployment, here’s a few tips from us and a few friends on how to ease the burden of getting fired.

Leave on good terms

Getting fired can get pretty ugly in a matter of seconds if you lose your cool. It may be something that you never wanted to experience, but it is also something you cannot control. Besides, the upside of getting fired is getting a severance pay. This may not equal the security and benefits of a job, but at least you have something to use while getting back out there. And remember, leaving on good terms with your previous employer can mean having someone as character reference for your next job hunt.

“For you to move on and live your life, you need to let go of the pain you’re feeling. Do not let the hatred you are feeling consume you. Consider the fact that the next company you will work with might contact your previous employer. You will need all the good recommendation and reference you can get, especially from your previous employer/s.” – Will Añonuevo, Marketing Manager

Talk to someone about it

Just because you are leaving on good terms doesn’t mean there isn’t the feeling of pain and hurt. Simply talking about it can help you get through it easier. Find a person or a handful of people that can give you a more positive outlook in your situation. This may sound like a stretch, but doing better starts with feeling better.

“I feel that talking to someone with similar experiences to what you are going through right now, or even just someone who will understand will help make you feel better. It’s good to get other people’s opinions on what you can do next, and to release the feelings you are keeping once in a while.” – Charlton Laraño, Web Developer

Relax, even just for a day

Refreshing the mind and body is more necessary than most people think. Even just a simple, relaxing day can contribute a lot to a physically and mentally exhausted body after getting fired. This can help you keep calm in a very stressful time. Even with a job, learn to find the balance between work and play to be more productive than you presently are.

“Getting time to do what you are passionate about even just for a day can help you feel refreshed and renewed. I always find time to do what I love, which is photography. That has helped me get through stressful times and has helped me keep a positive outlook in life.” – Archie Binamira, Graphic Web Designer

Update your résumé

Aside from getting back out there to find your means of living, one other reason to update your résumé is to have the confidence boost you need and to find a clearer direction in your career. Remind yourself of your skills, strengths and achievements. Your previous job may have ended, but it is still part of your experience and you should be proud of what you have experienced. Having an updated résumé means you can send them out more quickly, so start updating it immediately.

“You don’t have to be jobless to have to update your résumé. Simply checking it and editing a few information can help speed up your job seeking process. As time passes, some information become irrelevant. You have to weed these out.” – Earl Julius Empic, Web Developer

Prepare for better opportunities

Indeed, one of the best ways to get over something that hurt you is to find something that makes you happy. The world is full of opportunities and endless possibilities. Getting fired is not the end, but the beginning for you to find something better. Trust that success does not lie on the previous job you had, but on how you do it.  

“I always stay optimistic regardless of the situation I am faced with. I want to radiate positive energy and it makes me do better, knowing I will get only the best ahead of me.” – Antonette Macandog, Marketing Specialist Dealing with unemployment and then transitioning into a new job will never be easy, but it can also be exciting. Life only moves forward, and so should you. Positivity is a great help to truly moving on and accepting new experiences and opportunities. Trust in your skills and experiences you have, and that will be what leads you to the great things ahead.